Working with Affiliate Bases!

On February 25th, toovo hosted a very successful dinner and presentation to car service base owners across New York City! Over 35 bases attended where our team was able to provide a presentation on how the app works, how drivers and base owners are paid, and our plans for the future of toovo advertising. Again, […]

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What makes us different?

Our goal is to return the control of work to the individual bases & their drivers! This means you won’t need to work for multiple bases to stay busy. We provide access to steady client work as well as app-based jobs. Toovo also works with the Limosys software, so you won’t need to download any […]

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Make More $$$

Want to earn more? We don’t blame you! Toovo has higher rates and minimum fares that will give you the opportunity to earn more money for your time! You will have the ability to control the price you get paid and have a constant flow of jobs. Also, we encourage our travelers to provide a […]

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